Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The War Regalia of Galifar

I mentioned last week that my favorite part of Chapter 3 of The Forge of War was the idea of the War Regalia of Galifar.  This is my redesign of this item for my campaign:

Greaves of Aundair (heroic tier)               Level 12
These armored plates fit perfectly over your shins, fastening in the back with black leather straps.  Each one is ornamented with the regal silhouette of a dragonhawk.
Lvl 12                         13,000 gp
Item Set: War Regalia of Galifar
Item Slot: Feet
Property: You gain a +1 item bonus to speed. 
Power (Encounter): Free.  You take a move action.  After you complete this action, you are dazed until the end of your next turn.

Breastplate of Thrane +3               Level 13
This breastplate is decorated with an elaborate boar’s head hotif.  The workmanship is exceptionally fine, and there are inlaid tracings of silver around the edges of the armor.
Level 13
Item Set: War Regalia of Galifar
Armor: Chain, Scale, Plate
Enhancement: +3 AC
Property: +2 item bonus to Will defense (+3 when combined with with +5 or +6 armor)
Power (Daily): Immediate Interrupt.  Trigger: You are affected by an effect with the charm, illusion, sleep, or fear keyword.  Make a saving throw to negate this effect.
Special: This breastplate does not constitute magical armor on its own.  Instead, it must be combined with a suit of magic chain, scale, or plate with at least a +3 enhancement bonus and no other properties.

Mantle of Breland +3               Level 14
This heavy cloak is made of bulky brown fur, thickest at the shoulders.  When you wear it, you look stronger, broader, and somehow fiercer.
Level 14     +3                    Level 24     +5
Level 19     +4                    Level 29     +6
Item Set: War Regalia of Galifar
Item Slot: Neck
Enhancement: +3 Fortitude, Reflex, and Will
Power (Encounter): Standard Action.  You gain 20 temporary hit points.  (You gain 30 temporary hit points at level 24 and 29).

Scepter of Karrnath +3               Level 15
This scepter is made of polished densewood and inlaid with gleaming mithral.  The fearsome visage of a howling wolf is etched into the black wood.
Level 15     +3                    Level 25     +5
Level 20     +4                    Level 30     +6                       
Item Set: War Regalia of Galifar
Weapon: War Scepter
Enhancement: +1 attack rolls and damage rolls
Critical: +1d6 damage per plus and knock the target prone.
Property: This scepter can function as an of implement of any type for an heir of the Wynarn line.
Property: An heir of the Wynarn line is proficient with this weapon.
Power (At-Will • Fear): Free Action.  Whenever an enemy is hit with any basic attack made with the Scepter of Karrnath, that enemy grants combat advantage to all of your allies until the beginning of its next turn.  Another free action ends this effect.
War Scepter
     Damage: 1d8                         Proficient: +3
     Properties:                             Group: Mace
          Versatile, Brutal 2
Crown of Cyre               Level 16
This fine war helmet incorporates a golden crown formed of overlapping plates resembling the scales of a gold dragon.  No gemstones are set into it, but its beauty is striking nonetheless.
Level 16                             Level 26
Item Set: War Regalia of Galifar
Item Slot: Head
Power (Daily): Minor Action.  You and all allies that can see you gain a +2 item bonus to melee damage rolls until the end of your next turn.  Sustain: Minor. (This bonus is +4 at level 26)
Power (Daily): Minor Action.  You and all allies that can see you gain a +2 item bonus on Charisma Skill checks until the end of your next turn.  Sustain: Minor. (This bonus is +4 at level 26)
Power (Daily): Minor Action.  If you or an ally that can see you is bloodied, you gain regeneration equal to the number of War Regalia of Galifar you wield.  This regeneration lasts until the end of your next turn.  Sustain: Minor.

War Regalia of Galifar Benefits
Pieces              Benefit
2                    You gain the Word of Galifar Encounter Power
5                    When an opponent scores a critical hit against you, make a saving throw  
                   with a bonus equal to the number of items from this set you wield.  If you succeed, the critical hit is instead a normal hit.

Word of Galifar
Encounter * Healing
Minor Action     Close burst 10 (15 if you have 5 of the War Regalia of Galifar)
Target: One ally in burst
Effect: The target can spend a healing surge and regain an additional 1d6 hit points per item from the War Regalia of Galifar that you wield.

     I originally tried to just port over the original items, but that didn't really work to my satisfaction.  I wanted a set of items that pretty much anyone would be pleased with over most of their career, that, at the very least, would remain useful, and would represent the majesty and power of unified Galifar.
     The Breastplate of Thrane presented a challenge because I didn't want there to be lots of different pieces of Galifar Regalia running around: just one of each, which would grow more powerful by the heroic deeds of the wearer (aka, their items would level up when I decided the higher level item was appropriate).  With the way 4ed handles higher-level armors, with changing materials and such, I either needed the Breastplae of Thrane to permanently be better than it should be by having the built-in higher base AC than a +3 armor should have, go the other route and make the base AC stay equal to +3 armor, or find another option.  I decided to make the Breastplate an "add-on" to existing armor.
     The Scepter was another tricky weapon.  I wanted it to be good for anyone to use, weapon or implement user, but all maces were pretty lame simple weapons.  I decided to make a balanced "superior" weapon that anyone (short of a ranged weapon or reach weapon specialist) would be willing to use without losing lots of power.
     I decided that a king should, ultimately, be a leader, so I felt that giving the king of Galifar an encounter power that copies the signature Leader ability would be appropriate.  It is my experience that the leader won't see this as the king stepping on his toes, as the party always welcomes more healing.  

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  1. These look pretty awesome to me! In most cases I wouldn't find the encounter power on the greaves to be all that useful. The passive bonus is amazing, though, so I'd still want the item.

    I think your solution on the Breastplate is fine - that it winds up being usable for wearers of chain, scale, or plate is another convincing reason to use the path you chose. Of course, it also reminds me that I was never quite comfortable with the masterwork armor system in 4e.