Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Kingdom Building vs. Archetypes 2: Kingdom Building Utilities

The goal with these powers is to give each PC an encounter ability that will actually be useful during Kingdom Building.  Some classes grant a decent amount of skill-useful utilities (I'm looking at you Bard!) and Skill Powers are always great options, but I wanted to offer something special that can ONLY work during Kingdom Building play.

Prince Oargev:
Level 8: You gain the Inspirational Leadership Utility power.
Inspirational Leadership          Prince Oargev Utility 8
When you decide what the focus of the coming months is, you inspire others to work towards that common goal.
Encounter * Kingdom Building
Standard Action
Pick from the following Kingdom Building Keywords: Information, Domestic, Foreign, Philanthropic, Commercial, Research, or Diplomatic. Until the end of the encounter, you and all allies grant a +5 bonus rather than a +2 bonus when they aid another in a Policy with the keyword you selected.

Cyran Patriot:
Level 8: You gain the Luck of the Common Man Utility Power
Luck of the Common Man          Cyran Patriot Utility 8
You travel in circles in which those of your station were never meant to travel. Others get by on their status, power, and allies. You get by on luck and skill alone. 
Encounter * Kingdom Building
Free Action
You roll a skill check during kingdom building and dislike the result.
Effect: Ignore this result. Roll twice and take the better of the two results.

Cyran Noble:
Level 8: You gain the Political Acumen Utility Power
Expert Delegation          Cyran Noble Utility 8
You have managed people all of your life.  When you take the lead, those who work with you are a well-oiled machine.
Encounter * Kingdom Building
Standard Action
Select one Policy you own, have Supported, or have Pursued. You now know all Advantages the policy may have attached to it. In addition, you may use the aid another action for each ally who is Pursuing or Supporting this policy this round as a free action. You may not Pursue this policy until the next round.

Warforged Servant:
Level 8: You gain the Yes, Master Utility Power
Yes, Master          Warforged Servant Utility 8
Your devotion benefits all of your master’s pursuits.
Encounter * Kingdom Building
Free Action

Trigger: You successfully Aid Another
Effect: If the total result would hit the moderate DC, the success counts as a difficult success.

Dragonmarked Scion:
I recently realized that the Dragonmark feats don't actually give a skill bonus like I thought they did.  Since both my Action Point ability for the Dragonmark Scion and my planned level 8 ability involved a related skill, I decided to assign each Dragonmarked house the following related skill:

Related Skills 
  • Cannith (Arcana)
  • Deneith (Endurance)
  • Ghallanda (Streetwise)
  • Jorasco (Heal)
  • Kundurak (Dungeoneering)
  • Lyrandar (Acrobatics)
  • Medani (Insight)
  • Orien (Athletics)
  • Phiarlan (Bluff)
  • Sivis (Diplomacy)
  • Tharashk (Perception)
  • Thuranni (Stealth)
  • Vadalis (Nature)

Level 8: You gain the Let the Expert Take Over Utility Power.
Let the Expert Take Over          Dragonmarked Scion Utility 8
The special training offered by your house makes up for the shortcomings of others
Encounter * Kingdom Building
Free Action
An ally attempts a skill check in your house’s related skill and doesn't like the result
Effect: You may immediately make a skill check and use your result in place of your ally’s result.

Foreign National: Level 8: You gain the Outsider’s Insight Utility Power
Outsider’s Insight          Foreign National Utility 8
Your knowledge of how things are done in another country gives you a unique perspective on local affairs.
Encounter * Kingdom Building
Minor Action
Effect: You may support or aid another a policy with the Domestic keyword. You gain a +5 power bonus to this roll.

Sovereign Priest:
Level 8: You gain the Act Through Faith Utility Power
Act Through Faith          Sovereign Priest Utility 8
Sometimes, just praying for a desired outcome is enough.
Encounter * Kingdom Building
Standard Action

Effect: You may pursue, support or aid another a policy. Roll Religion for your check, but you may treat it as any counting as any skill of your choice (this affects aiding another, policy advantages, and limited uses of the religion skill on some policies).

Druidic Initiate:
Level 8: You gain the Where the Wild Thing Are Utility Power
Where the Wild Things Are          Druidic Initiate Utility 8
You have useful contacts throughout the world that can help your friends in need.
Encounter * Kingdom Building
Minor Action
Any Unit you send on a mission this round may reroll one Observation or Survival check, with a +2 power bonus.


  1. Okay, because it could someday be relevant.... How would one use Athletics in a KB action?

    Acrobatics has a similar problem, really, which would make both the heroic Dragonmarked Scion tier abilities (at 4 & 8) problematic.

    Generally, looking over the powers, the substitute roll abilities are generally either bonuses or substituting a skill that anyone of that category would likely have, like Religion for a priest. The DS roll could easily actually be a penalty. For contrast, the very similar Cyran Patriot power can only be used for oneself, but has the benefits of (a) being the same bonus, so certainly no penalty, and (b) being able to choose the better of the rolls after the reroll. Dragonmarked Scion has no such benefits.

    That said, one simply doesn't have to use the ability. :)

  2. 1. Off the top of my head, Athletics has been used for the following: Helping to rebuild destroyed and war-torn areas, planning and executing nastily exhausting training montages for troops, and impressing fellow warriors with feats of strength.

    Acrobatics, admittedly, is even less versatile. I am pretty sure it has, thus far, been used to train troops in acrobatic skills. Alternately, I could foresee certain scenarios where it could be used to perform for potential allies or dignitaries...other examples are not coming to me. I definitely need to think about it...

    2. As far as a comparison of that power and the Cyran Patriot power, I think I will definitely make the Dragonmarked Scion power use the better of the two roles. I also think, in order to add to it's versatility, to make it work while on a solo mission.

    More on Solo Missions later. I haven't blogged about my overhauls of the mission/units/cohort set-ups. I need to get back to blogging now that Kingdom Building is over for a bit.

  3. One quirk of the DS power is that if the DS is as good or better at that skill as the original person making the roll, why isn't the DS making the roll to begin with? Unless it's a case where someone is purposely pursuing a policy at which s/he is incompetent, in order to allow the DS to (slowly, seasonally) make progress on it with someone else's actions.... I think that would be a larger problem in a larger game with plenty of actions to go around, though. Granted, it's at least another attempt, and the "higher of the two rolls" helps somewhat.

    Still, the DS substitute roll is with a skill that's not necessarily trained, though I admittedly think that Orien is the most likely problem there. Most of the others are reasonably likely, though I could see (for example) a Lyrandar Storm-sourced Sorcerer without Acrobatics. Those two skills seem to be the Problem Children. They fit the Houses well enough, but as well with the powers.