Monday, June 13, 2016

Campaign Recap Part 1: 988-990 YK

So, we finished our campaign. I have had a few requests for a record of the game and I will likely also put some ideas I have had for re-vamping 4ed moving forward. This is part 1. I'm writing it from an in-game perspective.

January 988 YK-March 990
On Prince Oargev’s 18th birthday, he entered into public life. He received two significant birthday gifts from his mother, Queen Dannel of Cyre. The first was a troop of warforged freshly minted in Cannith’s creation forges, led by two warforged heroes-a silent, broken warrior called Tact, and his brother, a charismatic commander called Blade. Blade served as the troop’s leader under Oargev’s command and Tact served as Oargev’s personal bodyguard. The second gift given by the Queen was Prince Oargev’s first mission- a diplomatic progress to a handful of nobles in Cyre’s northeast who had been less than enthusiastic about Queen Dannel’s reign. Along the way, the Prince and his companions were to inspect a secret House Vadalis installation at Clifftop and make some decisions on the progress of certain projects Vadalis had been working on for Cyre.

At this point, I should identify the companions that travelled with the young Prince at this juncture. First and foremost was his cousin, Lord Istav ir’Somme, recently returned from school in Aundair. He was sent to serve as Istav’s diplomatic advisor-of course, he had great success in that role. Secondly, Oargev’s childhood friend and companion, Martin ir’Dallis, whose family was dispossessed of lands by the Valenar, accompanied the Prince out of loyalty and service. These three friends served as the core of Oargev’s rise to power and inner councils until the end of Oargev’s reign.

During this progress, Oargev and his companions fell into the middle of a plot by the Ashbound Druids to destroy the secret House Vadalis installation, discovered an invasion in progress by Karrnath, and uncovered the first in a long line of prophecies that later proved that Oargev ir’Wynarn was the champion of prophecy for his age. Many lines of the prophecy were unreadable at this point, but were later reconstructed.

The Lord of Mourning

The blood of one removed from royal, shed
Shall bring unto the world a realm of night
And fill the heart of every man with dread
Of spreading pestilence and growing blight.
For when this sorrow of a nation falls
And sorrow soon becomes that nation's name,
The dead will only walk the castle's halls
And sit the thrones of those who are to blame.
But all is never lost in darkest gloom:
The life of one removed from royal spent
Can save the guilty parties from their doom,
Though all the land they darkened still be rent.
This I say is how the Lord of Mourning
Shall rise again. Take heart and heed my warning!

References to the coming tragedy of the Mournland abound in this poem, though at this point, we didn’t see them clearly.

Over the course of the following year, Prince Oargev wins the love of Brelish noblewoman Elyse ir’Kristain and preparations for their wedding commence. He is also involved in military action along the Karranthi-Cyran border. Most Notably, the Prince leads a rescue attempt to save a key Cryan military commander, losing almost all of his men in the process-but they escape with their lives, inspiring songs and heroes of Cyre. Istav serves as a mediator for the impending split between the Eldeen Reaches and Aundair. Relationships with the Valenar Elves, Goblins of Darguun, and Breland become strained and complicated during this time. A Valenar warrior, Bas’shi Bosti, becomes impressed with Prince Oargev’s valor and joins his band of advisors for a time, aiding him in his military campaign against the Karrnathi.

After the Prince’s wedding, he and his advisors are given another major task that will change the course of the world...

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